Humanities & Social Sciences, Vol 7, No 1 (2014)

Student Government in School Administration: to the Problem of Substantiation

Tatiana I. Zelenetskaya


According to the law, a modern school should have state-public administration, which implies expanding the range of subjects of administration of this organization.  Student government, based on realization of freedom to manage resources to meet the realized needs, has the potential to become an active member of school management. Student government is mandatory, implying engaging students into effective management activities. The studies show that at the current state, student government is mostly a pedagogical system, giving students the status of objects of influence. The school faces the challenge of changing the structure of management and teaching activities in respect to the largest in the number of members group of the organization -- students. The efforts of school management and teachers should focus on gradual inclusion of students in management of school, taking into account their realized needs.