Chemistry, Vol 8, No 4 (2015)

The properties of the water-soluble hydroxy-polyhydroxy fullerenes in auto-oxidation reactions epinephrine

Felix Tomilin, Olga Yaikova, Irina Dubinina, Alexander Kuzubov, Alexander Dudnik, Natalia Vnukova, Sergey Ovchinnikov, Grigory Churilov


The studied of the influence of fullerenoles on adrenaline auto-oxidation reaction by optical and theoretical methods was carried out in this work. It was shown that fullerenols at concentrations from 0.0005 mg/ml to 0.5 mg/ml exhibits prooxidant activity and accelerates autoxidation reaction of adrenaline. The suggested scheme of auto-oxidation reaction, which explained by energy advantage under transferring electron from the molecule of adrenaline to fullerenol by density functional method B3LYP/6-31(p,d).