Chemistry, Vol 8, No 4 (2015)

Optimization of the process of synthesis of porous carbon materials obtained from the bast birch bark by means of steam-gas activation

Ivan Petrovich Ivanov, Nadezda Mikhailovna Mikova, Robert Zusievich Pen


The method ofexperimental and statistical analysis was used to study the influence of basic factors: carbonization temperature and duration of steam-gas one-stage process of carbonization-activation on the values of the parameters of porous structure of carbon adsorbents (CA) obtained from the bastbirch bark. It was determined that the realization of process under optimal conditions allows to obtain from the birch bark the carbon sorbents, whose characteristics pore volume of 1.61 cm3 water/g and iodine adsorption of 75.2%correspond to the of industrial carbon sorbent BAU derived from birch wood.