Biology, Vol 8, No 3 (2015)


Marat T. Makenov, Saule K. Bekova


The aim of this article was to describe population of owned dogs in Omsk. The article includes abundance, age and sex ratio, breeds and size of owned dogs. In addition, we studied free-ranging dogs.

Methods. We conducted door-to-door survey of dog owners using stratified two-stage random sample.

Results. A total of 1 583 households were interviewed of which 23% were dog owning households: with a higher proportion in one-story residential area – 72%, than in the multi-storey residential area – 11%. The overall number of dogs in Omsk was estimated 78 774, dog density was 911 dogs/km2. About 27% of owned dogs was always allowed to roam freely in the one-story area; in multi-storey area this practice is extremely rare - 2%.

Dog female:male ratio  in the multi-storey area was 1:1. In the area of one-storey buildings owners prefer males – 62.5%. The average age of the population was 3.8 years.

In the multi-storey area of Omsk owners have mostly purebred dogs, preferring decorative medium and small dogs. In the one-storey area owners have 51% of mongrel dogs, and among the purebred prefer watchdogs and guard dogs.